SemTech 2009 Post-Event Media, Blogs, and Trip Report Items

There were a lot of articles and blog postings written about the Semantic Technology Conference. Below is a list of those we are aware of.  If you know of others, feel free to send them to us at info (at) so we can add them to this list.




(June 26, 2009):
Everything You Wanted to Know About Semantic Technology, But Were Afraid to Ask (at SemTech 09) – ReadWriteWeb

(June 23, 2009):
Semantic Tech Conference: Drinking the Koolaid – siliconANGLE

(June 18, 2009):
New York Times embraces Linked Data –

(June 18, 2009):
Semantic Technology Conference kicks off with Keynotes from Open Calais and Siri –

(June 18, 2009):
TopQuadrant Debuts Semantic Vocabulary Management – Top Tech News

(June 17, 2009):
Semantic web set for critical mass – Computerworld

(June 17, 2009):
Collibra Launches Semantic Data Integration Solution at SemTech 09 – Collibra

(June 16, 2009):
The State of the Market in Semantic Technologies – ReadWriteWeb

(June 16, 2009):
Semantic Web set for critical mass – InfoWorld

(June 16, 2009):
W3C Celebrates Semantic Web Progress at SemTech 2009 – AlphaGalileo

(June 15, 2009):
Thomson Reuters Announces OpenCalais Upgrade at SemTech – SemanticWeb

(June 15, 2009):
W3C Celebrates Semantic Web Progress at SemTech 2009 – W3C


“Semantic Search”, Key Word for SemTech2009. – Jun Hyung Ahn, Saltlux

Semantic Technology Conference – Alitora Systems

SemTech 2009 is Now the Gold Standard – Michael K. Bergman

Marketers: the web of data is inevitable – Scott Brinker

Thoughts on the Semantic Technology 2009 Conference – and the Semantic Web – Kurt Cagle

Semantic Technology Conference 2009 – A.J. Chen

Search with the Monkey – Stijn Christiaens, Collibra

Pellet 2 Tutorial Available – Kendall Clark, Clark & Parsia

Bing @ The 2009 Semantic Technology Conference – Katie Conry,

Looking Back at the Semantic Technologies Conference 2009 – Taylor Cowan

TopBraid User Group Meeting at SemTech2009 – Robert Coyne, TopQuadrant

NeOn at SemTech 2009 – Mathieu d’Aquin, NeOn

Business Semantics Management at SemTech 2009 – Pieter De Leenheer

SPARQLing at SemTech – Lee Feigenbaum

LeveragePoint at SemTech 2009 – Steven Forth, LeveragePoint

The Semantic Web – Chiara Fox, Adaptive Path

The New York Times and the Infrastructure of Meaning – Eric Hellman

The Bilbo Baggins of the Semantic Web – Eric Hellman

SemTech2009 impressions – Ivan Herman

SemTech2009 impressions (addendum) – Ivan Herman

Semtech 2009 in San Jose – Soonho Kim

NYT to Release Thesaurus and Enter Linked Data Cloud – Rob Larson & Evan Sandhaus, The New York Times

Looking back at the Semantic Technology Conference, and the rest of my week in the Valley – Paul Miller

Reflections on SemTech 2009 – Karen Myers, W3C

Semantic Technology Conference 2009 Day One: First Impressions – Davide Palmisano, Asemantics

SemTech 2009 Tutorials – Alexandre Passant

Semantic Technology Search Panel – Jeremy Pickens, Ph.D.

The Meaning of “Semantic” – Irene Polikoff, TopQuadrant

Semantic Technology Conference 2009 – Luca Scagliarini, Expert System

SemTech 2009: Semantic Search – Luca Scagliarini, Expert System

SemTech 2009: The Current State of Technology – Luca Scagliarini, Expert System

SemTech 2009: This Year Was a Success – Luca Scagliarini, Expert System

The Semantic Technology Conference, San Jose, June.09 – Semantic Weblog

SQUIN presented at SemTech 2009 –

Science gets semantic at SemTech2009 – Darin Stewart


Thanks for this quite

Thanks for this quite extensive list! Since Im new to the technology these articles gave some good introduction and insight. Cant wait to see lots of posts in 2010! 😉