Author Guidlines


Semantic Universe Author Guidelines is an online journal focused on the application of semantic technologies in a variety of consumer, business and academic settings. We have subscribers in every part of the world, and from most industries. Our audience is represented by a wide range of job functions, from enterprises application managers, to venture capitalists, software engineers, entrepreneurs, researchers and web developers.

Because of this diverse audience, we welcome submissions from a wide community of practitioners. Please read the following material and review our style sheet before submitting an article for publication consideration.

Permission to Publish

All authors must agree to convey a limited copyright to prior to publication (you can cut and paste the text below into an email). This copyright is as follows:

I hereby grant SemanticUniverse the exclusive right to publish my article or work entitled “NAMEOFARTICLE” (the Article) without restriction, within 60 days of my submission to SemanticUniverse. I agree that the Article may be:

  – edited and/or re-titled as seen fit by Semantic Universe editors

  – re-purposed, excerpted or republished for promotional or other purposes

As author, I retain the rights to my own originally authored material. However, if the Article is published by Semantic Universe I agree not to publish or re-publish the Article substantially as written in any other publication without the prior permission of SumanticUniverse, for a period of at least 6 months after it is initially published by Semantic Universe.

Submissions: Send proposed Articles and submissions to the editor, Tony Shaw (tony AT

Submission Guidelines – VERY IMPORTANT

Please make your submission in the following format:

* Single-spaced manuscript in a Word, text or HTML file. Please include the full name, job title, organizational affiliation, and e-mail address of each author.

* Brief summary abstract (100 words or fewer), suitable for use as a “teaser” for the article when published.

* Biographical summary (150 words or fewer for each author)

* A high-quality JPEG photo for each author – sent as a separate attachment. Send each file as a separate file appropriately titled. Do not send author pictures embedded in Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents.

* Any additional files (e.g, tables, figures, clips, images, etc.) should be send as a separate file appropriately titled. Do not send author pictures embedded in Word, PowerPoint or PDF documents.