… What impact will it have and how important is it?

I’m following yesterday’s launch rather closely, and I assume many of the readers of Semantic Universe are doing the same.  For more details go to…no surprise… (!!)

This is open data/linked data going really mainstream, with the backing of the White House.  I have to believe it will be reported on and publicized much more than the average tech industry announcement.  Which is good for us in the semantic community, right? 
I’ve written here before about my background in the “enterprise” data space, as opposed to the “web” data space, and my frustration that the two camps so rarely manage to communicate effectively, if at all.  So I’ll be honest, one of my big hopes is that is going to light such a bonfire of publicity and success that the folks in enterprise data/computing can no longer ignore the Open Data movement.  I am optimistic they’ll get there this time around, but I won’t be holding my breath.
I have asked my enterprise colleagues to send me their comments about how might change their mindset and I will share them with you here.