Semantic MDM

Semantic Technology and Master Data Management is such an obvious combination, I’m surprised it took us this long to do anything about it. 
We’re teaming with one of the leading thought leaders, Knowledge Integrity,  to put together a compelling offering in this area.  
Here’s why we’re excited about this: many of the type of semantic initiatives we get involved with are strategic; they have long term payoffs that are often not realized until the second or third project reuses the work of the initial project. Master Data Management has generally been promoted to solve short term, relatively quick payback benefits (de-duping customer files, cleaning up quality problems and getting a single view of a customer, for instance).  
It turns out, in order to execute an MDM project well, you need to do a lot of, well, semantic modeling. Many practitioners have either skipped this essential step or performed just enough to continue with the MDM project but not enough to leverage the analysis. Our contention is that with a bit more discipline the MDM project is improved, the client gets a permanent asset and their semantic initiatives have been kick started.
Sounds like a win all around to me.