Welcome to Semantic Universe

So even though we’ve had the site open for a few days (testing, tweaking, etc) let this be my offical “welcome” to the new Semantic Universe site.  I’m delighted you’ve stopped by to take a look and I hope we can exceed your expectations while you’re here.

We have many goals for the Semantic Universe site, including:

1. A rich source of information and practical advice about how you can use semantic technologies in business and consumer applications
2. A really good place to become educated about the foundational concepts and technologies of semantics
3. A comprehensive hub to help you connect with the companies, products and services in the semantic marketplace
4. A valuable network between people in the semantic community.

We kick off the site with a pretty good foundation for goals 1 & 2. We have more than 30 original articles for the launch, all submitted in just the past two weeks.  The eduational component comprises links to our recent webcasts on core semantic web topics by Jim Hendler, Dean Allemang and Lee Feigenbaum, but we’ll be adding a lot more to that list in the coming weeks and months.  Item #3, the product and service component, will come soon and then the networking features will follow shortly after that. 

As we enhance the site, hopefully you’ll let us know how we’re doing and where we can get better. I look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Shaw