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There were a lot of articles and blog postings written about the Semantic Technology Conference. Below is a list of those we are aware of.  If you know of others, feel free to send them to us at info (at) so we can add them to this list.


SAN JOSE, CA — Today in a keynote presentation at the 2009 Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose, California, Rob Larson and Evan Sandhaus of the New York Times made a significant announcement regarding the NYT Annotated Corpus and the NYT Index in the "Linked Data Cloud".


In a recent blog post, Tim Berners-Lee, Director of the World Wide Web Consortium, wrote about a new paradigm. In the early days of the internet it was the computers and the wires that were important; more recently it was the documents that were the important things, the centres of focus and attention. Now, and in the future, “it’s the things they are about which are important.” Tim refers to this as the Graph, to distinguish it from the Web, and also to distinguish it from social network sites that contain a subset of a representation of a Graph, but are not the Graph.