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Frankfurt Semantic Web Meetup Vorankündigung: Jochen Geise: Intelligent views – the success story: how to use semantic technologies to create leading edge solutions in the B2B Business. Details will follow. Frankfurt – Germany Tuesday, March 2 at 5:00 PM Attending: 1 Details:

Executive Summary

In today’s business ecosystems, information has become a competitive and strategic asset. Being able to exchange data and to interpret the information in the data that has been exchanged in the right context and within a reasonable time is a top priority for many organizations. Starting from three simple but serious questions regarding data semantics, data utilization, and data governance that pop up daily in information-intensive enterprises, we easily identify a value proposition for semantic alignment. However, current techniques that claim to create semantic alignment in this sense are unsatisfactory, both theoretically and as far as the quality of the results is concerned.


In my previous article, I proposed that the library catalogue could be used as a blueprint for the Semantic Web. Perhaps theoretical and conceptual, the arguments fleshed out the ideas, but not the practical applications. For this article, I will outline in greater detail how exactly, developments in library and information science are playing out, not only in the SemWeb, but also in knowledge management for business.