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With just about every major brand and celebrity on Facebook and Twitter, the line between social media and popular culture is becoming harder to distinguish by the day. What is evident is the incredible power social media has in uncovering popular sentiment and the way information is being shared and disseminated. The sheer amount of data amassed on any social network on any given day holds an incredible amount of intelligence and insight into where the collective sentiment of the masses lies.


CT Semantic Web Meetup Group Business Intelligence has deep roots in the business community and has a proven value. But how do we reconcile the 80% of the worlds information that is trapped in unstructured documents, web pages, etc with Business Intelligence techniques.


Frankfurt Semantic Web Meetup 17h Eintreffen der Teilnehmer, Socializing 17 30h Darius Heisig The story of Kapow Technologies GmbH – since 1998 Kapow develops leading edge web technologies to generate adwanced business intelligence using company data’s and web data’s. Concepts, use cases, technologies, success stories 18 30h Discussions 19 30h End  

Frankfurt am Main – Germany Tuesday, February 2 at 5:00 PM Attending: 1


With the Web 2.0, ontologies are being used to improve search capabilities and make inferences for improved human or computer reasoning. By relating terms in an ontology, the user doesn’t need to know the exact term actually stored in the document. Data Rationalization is a Managed Meta Data Environment (MME) enabled application which creates/extends an ontology for a domain into the structured data world, based on model objects stored in various models (of varying levels of detail, across model files and modeling tools) and other meta data.