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How cell phones will replace learning

Executive Summary

Within the past few months, the Semantic Web has become something any Webmaster must take serious, because the key components are ready for production usage, and there are tangible benefits: With GoodRelations, there is now a standard vocabulary for e-commerce, RDFa provides a stable syntax for embedding such data in existing Web pages, and Yahoo Searchmonkey creates a direct business incentive for companies of any size to care.


The digital revolution is responsible for igniting hundreds of smaller revolutions which have ultimately transformed technology and communications, creating one of the most influential and life changing events that humanity has experienced in current times, and possibly throughout its history. These revolutions continue to reshape our cell phones, computers, cars, even the Internet, profoundly changing the way we view ourselves and the world.

Executive Summary

The future web is expected to evolve into a situation aware web that surfaces the hidden knowledge of enterprises and individuals and enables greatly more powerful paradigms. Actualizing these requirements demands a semantic technology that is magnitudes greater in efficiency and performance than conventional layered technologies.