Dean Allemang


In the final installment of this two-part series, Dean Allemang and Scott Henninger look into how the insights about semantic web education have an impact on the adoption of semantic web technologies.


In part I of this two-part series, Dean Allemang & Scott Henninger draw on years of teaching TopQuadrant’s introduction course on the Semantic Web to make some observations on teaching Semantic Web concepts to a wide variety of students.


TopQuadrant Publishes Government Ontologies to Create Standard Data Exchange


Does your organization find that it can develop a new product faster than your IT group can create a new application to manage it?  Are your existing systems too inflexible?

No, these are not just the opening lines of a sales pitch aimed at selling you the latest IT package or platform. They reflect critical business drivers and challenges.


The Semantic Web is nearing the point of widespread practical adoption:

• The core specifications have stabilized • Tools and frameworks implementing key features have been through several development cycles • An increasing number of major software companies have developed semantically enabled products or are actively researching the space


We are presenting an excerpt from Dean Allemang’s newly released book. This is the closing chapter of the book, which, as all closing chapters should be able to do, stands alone nicely. We are happy to be able to give you a preview of this new publication. Scott Koegler Editor, SemanticReport