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SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – June 23, 2010) –  Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that searches, discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces the official debut of the Semantic Valley Consortium…


SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwire – June 23, 2010) -Expert System announced its COGITO Monitor product is available as a platform. CRIBIS, a CRIF financial company in Europe, is partnering with Expert System to offer COGITO Monitor platform to businesses looking to flag and identify consumer sentiment during economically tumultuous times…


The 2009 Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech) took place June 14-18, 2009 in San Jose, California. SemTech is produced by Semantic Universe and brings together the entire marketplace of semantic technology vendors, developers, researchers, start-ups, investors and customers. Here is a small sample of the hundreds of companies who signed up to attend:


Expert System Adds Semantic Search for Twitter Users


Expert System Releases Live Semantic Index of Obama …