A few weeks ago, Facebook announced an Open Graph initiative — a move considered to be a turning point not just for the social networking giant, but for the web at large. The company’s new vision is no longer to just connect people. Facebook now wants to connect people around and across the web through concepts they are interested in…


Today the Pew Center released a survey regarding the future of the Semantic Web. More than half of those responded didn’t think that the vision associated with the Semantic Web would be realized – that’s a startling conclusion, really. It’s even more remarkable given the fact that those who responded negatively didn’t think it would even happen by 2020.

Why is there such an overwhelming level of confusion surrounding Semantic Technology? I’ll offer an opinion that might clear it up somewhat…


Drupal 7 (alpha), the latest major release of the popular open source CMS, includes a lot of features for web publishers interested in implementing Semantic Web Technologies.