Announcing Glue API

Glue is a browser-based social network that connects friends around things they visit online. Glue appears on popular sites like Amazon,, Netflix, Yahoo! Finance,, Citysearch and many more, revealing friends and other Glue users interested in the same thing around the web.

TopQuadrant Offers Free Semantic Web Modeling Tool

First Free Semantic Web Editing and Querying Tool with Object-oriented Rule Modeling and RDFa Import

The Next Big Thing for the Data Management Community – David Wood

The next big thing for the data management community is to give up central control and planning in order to gain scalability and robustness.

WolframAlpha: Loaded with Potential, Short on Meaning

I haven’t been formally trained on WolframAlpha nor have I thoroughly investigated it. In fact, I’ve spent more time reading the hype about it than I have actually kicking the tires. But from the time I’ve spent, some things are already obvious. First and prominently, WolframAlpha does not rely on semantic technology, neither Semantic Web nor Linked Data concepts, and it possesses no underlying ontology driving its structure or information.