Bay Area’s Real-time Web Meet-up NEW LOCATION As promised, the Bay Area’s Real-time Meet-up is moving to its second Bay Area city – San Francisco (must be a member to see the location). We’ll be at this location from April to June.


"Describing the Semantic Web as a “Web of data” is not too helpful for most people, I have learned."  There’s a lot of talk about it, but for most Web users, the idea described in 1981 by Tim Berners-Lee means little.


Silicon Valley Semantic Technology (SVST) Group Get Ready for to get it all out on the table! What is the distinction between Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence and Intuition, and where is it all going? We’ll be exploring these and many other questions. It looks to be a great discussion and an amazing panel. The panelist are:


The new W3C Rule Interchange Format (W3C RIF) standard will be featured at RuleML 2009 (see, co-located with the Business Rules Forum in November 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There will be a tutorial about RIF by Christian de Sainte Marie (ILOG/IBM, co-chair of the RIF WG) and a keynote by Sandro Hawke (W3C staff representative on the RIF WG) “Bringing Order to Chaos: RIF as the New Standard for Rule Interchange”.


Version 6.0 Boasts Ease-of-Use, Time Savings and Provides Customers with the Ability to Discover and Publish Key Insights Using Semantic Technology


Semantic Technologies have much to offer today’s successful business, with regulatory, operational and economic forces combining to require that timely and accurate data from across the enterprise be available on demand and at the point of need. Clear benefits are often disguised, though, by obscure language, serious misconceptions about what ‘the Semantic Web’ could or should be, and an unfortunate tendency to advocate ‘semantic technology’ per se rather than specific solutions to tangible business problems.