Data management, process management, access management, and resource management form the four pillars of the advanced computing enterprise. This includes critical technologies such as databases, web services & service oriented architectures (SOA), mobile devices, and cloud computing. Semantics helps adapt and unify them to your current enterprise to allow rapid adoption and effective use.


When people think about orchestration efforts, they tend to think about centralized, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)-based efforts. The service elements are published into reusable components that can be stitched together into workflows. This vision of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) allows central metrics of use and stability, but it precludes a common use case familiar to Unix users.


I decided to conduct an informal survey in an attempt to gauge the current level of adoption and growth potential for Semantic Technology as an industry vertical. The results indicate to me that while progress is being made we still need to do a better job of delivering the message – this messaging problem is the number one reason why adoption of Semantic Technologies and Semantic Methodologies is proceeding slower than we had anticipated. 

So let’s examine review some of the assumptions first:


Over the past two years I’ve tried very hard to help define the potential application for this technology area in the context of Information Technology disciplines or problem spaces – out of those efforts has come a focus on:


Integration is more than the coding of application or data interfaces. When dealing with complex integration within or across enterprises, there must be sufficient discipline to achieve reproducible results. Furthermore, that discipline must be tailored to the unique requirements of the domain/s in question. Few domains are as complex as Healthcare. Even more important perhaps is that integration cannot be viewed outside of the context of the outcomes within the domains they are meant to serve.


The San Francisco Semantic Web Meetup Will Semantics Kill SOA? Service-Oriented Architecture or SOA has promised to bring about a major shift in how software services will be delivered in the future. Where are we now and how does “Semantics” change the Ecosystem for web based services? A p San Francisco , CA 94102 – USA Tuesday, March 16 at 6:30 PM Attending: 7


Silicon Valley Semantic Technology (SVST) Group Looking for an unfair advantage in your business? Want to see the cutting edge of enterprise software? Learn how semantic technologies are used in enterprise software applications and how they may disrupt Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). All t San Francisco, CA 94102 – USA Tuesday, March 16 at 7:00 PM Attending: 16 Details:


Silicon Valley Semantic Technology (SVST) Group Get Ready for to get it all out on the table! What is the distinction between Artificial Intelligence and Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence and Intuition, and where is it all going? We’ll be exploring these and many other questions. It looks to be a great discussion and an amazing panel. The panelist are: