Tony Shaw


David Recordon, Senior Open Programs Manager of Facebook and best-selling Author, David Siegel will keynote the conference.


Tony Shaw: Hi Olly, so to get us started, could you give me a high-level overview of what Atigeo does?


Peer39: Interview with Amiad Solomon

Founded in 2006 by an innovative group of scientists and engineers, Peer39 was voted by MIT’s Technology Review as one of the Top Ten Web Startups to Watch in 2008.  Semantic Universe editor Tony Shaw recently spoke with Founder and CEO Amiad Solomon about the company’s innovations, the FTC and what we may expect in the future.

Tony Shaw: Over the last few years, it seems that your business has changed.  Can you update us on what Peer39 is currently doing?


You’ll noitice that Semantic Universe looks different today than it did yesterday.  That’s because we’ve moved to a new publishing template – one of the OpenPublish formats developed by OpenCalais and Phase 2 Technologies.  We’ve done this for two main reasons: 1) Our previous layout wasn’t quite suiting our editorial objectives as we wanted. this layout gives us more flexibility with home page layout, incorporation of video, and previewing of news items, for example.


June’s episode of the Semantic Web Gang was recorded on-stage during the closing session of this year’s Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose. Regular Gang members are joined by conference organiser, Tony Shaw, and an audience in looking back at the issues and trends that emerged during the event.


The official attendance count for SemTech 2009 was 1170 individuals, from the following organizations (note many organizations were represented by multiple attendees).