This article kicks off a series of interviews on Semantic Technologies in the MIT Entrepreneurship Review with industry thought leaders including Thomas Tague (Thomson Reuters), Chris Messina (Google), David Recordon (Facebook), Will Hunsinger (Evri) and Jamie Taylor (Metaweb).


New Primal Pages for Publishers leverages advanced semantic technology to make Web publishing and community engagement easier than ever

Media UpdateThe semantic web is a relatively new concept, initially proposed some ten-plus years ago as a component of Web 3.0, and is creating quite a bit of buzz in …


David Recordon, Senior Open Programs Manager of Facebook and best-selling Author, David Siegel will keynote the conference.


With just about every major brand and celebrity on Facebook and Twitter, the line between social media and popular culture is becoming harder to distinguish by the day. What is evident is the incredible power social media has in uncovering popular sentiment and the way information is being shared and disseminated. The sheer amount of data amassed on any social network on any given day holds an incredible amount of intelligence and insight into where the collective sentiment of the masses lies.


Today the Pew Center released a survey regarding the future of the Semantic Web. More than half of those responded didn’t think that the vision associated with the Semantic Web would be realized – that’s a startling conclusion, really. It’s even more remarkable given the fact that those who responded negatively didn’t think it would even happen by 2020.

Why is there such an overwhelming level of confusion surrounding Semantic Technology? I’ll offer an opinion that might clear it up somewhat…