Enterprise Semantics

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What does it take to make the Enterprise "Semantic Ready?"

The SemTech Enterprise Track will demonstrate how large organizations can use semantic technologies in a variety of ways to improve efficiency, collaborative effectiveness, and profitability. 

You’ll learn what it takes to be "semantic-ready"…the architecture, tools and knowledge you will need to have in place to be successful. A number of case studies will be used, including examples of semantic analytics, data integration tools, process improvement, cross-platform knowledge management and drastically reduced application development cycles.

Just as importantly, these sessions will discuss the current limits of semantic technology, debunking both the hype and the myths of semantic deployment.  And you’ll see how real projects were implemented, from project feasibility through completion, so there’ll be no surprises when you get ready to pilot your own project.


Key discussion topics include:

  • Linked Enterprise Data
  • Application Development
  • Enterprise search
  • Knowledge management platforms
  • Market research
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Call center operations
  • Controlled vocabularies
  • Enterprise publishing 
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise Information Management (EIM) frameworks

Conference Keynote: 

Semantic Web for the Working Enterprise

Dean AllemangDean Allemang
Chief Technology Consultant,

Dean Allemang, Chief Scientist at TopQuadrant Inc. is a frequent speaker at semantic technology conferences. He brings to this talk over 10 years experience working with customers on implementing solutions based on ontologies, with the last 5 years of his work focused on using the Semantic Web Standards. He developed the successful TopMIND Semantic Web training course, now in its fifth year with over 500 alumni. Along with his co-author Jim Hendler, Dean has just published Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist (Morgan-Kaufmann, 2008), a practitioner’s guide to the Semantic Web

James HendlerJames Hendler
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

James Hendler is the Tetherless World Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology, at Rensselaer. Hendler has authored about 200 technical papers in the areas of Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, agent-based computing and high performance processing. One of the inventors of the “Semantic Web,” he is also the former Chief Scientist of the Information Systems Office at the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and was awarded a US Air Force Exceptional Civilian Service Medal in 2002. He is the Editor-in-Chief emeritus of IEEE Intelligent Systems and is the first computer scientist to serve on the Board of Reviewing Editors for Science..


01:15 PM – 04:45 PM
Ontology-driven SOA Governance Dave McComb, Semantic Arts Inc.
Simon Robe, Semantic Arts Inc.
05:00 PM – 06:00 PM
Case Study: Using Ontologies for Opportunistic Systems Integration Elisa F Kendall, Thematix Partners LLC
Dr. Reginald E Ford, SRI International
  Unhappy with Internal Corporate Search? Come Learn Tips and Tricks for Building a Controlled Vocabulary Ontology Bettina K. Schimanski, Sandia National Laboratories
Jennifer Miller, Sandia National Laboratories
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Assistive and Automatic Tools for Tagging and Categorizing Anything Seth Maislin, Earley & Associates
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Semantic Technologies to Enable the Knowledge-powered Enterprise: The ACTIVE Approach Paul Warren, Eurescom GmbH
John Davies, BT
02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
How to integrate 10 databases and interlink them with 10 million documents in 10 weeks Vassil Momtchev, Ontotext AD
  Semantic Relationships Within the Enterprise Wayne Haubner, SAP
  The Ten Myths of the Semantic Web Debunked (and how they hurt your success) John Hebeler, Lockheed Martin
Matthew Fisher, Progeny Systems
03:15 PM – 04:15 PM
The Challenge of Building DoD Business Enterprise Architectures with Semantic Technologies Dennis E. Wisnosky, U.S. Department of Defense
  Innovations in Semantic Enterprise Search Terry Patten, Charles River Analytics
John B. Lowe, Qewz, Inc.
03:15 PM – 05:45 PM
A Jena-based Framework for Semantic Enterprise Information Integration (SEII) Sanjiva Nath, zAgile Inc.
04:30 PM – 05:00 PM
Getting Started with Intellidimension Products Geoff Chappell, Intellidimension
  Selecting and Extending Popular Lightweight Ontologies for Enterprise 2.0 Use Alexandre Passant, DERI / seevl
Keith Griffin, CISCO Systems
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Leveraging Unstructured Data in Business Intelligence with xPatterns Patrick Quigley, Atigeo
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Analyzing unstructured information and inferring new knowledge with Ontology-driven Content Analytics Hans-Peter Schnurr, ontoprise GmbH
Marie Wallace, IBM
  Corporate Knowledge Management Using Semantic Technology: A Practical Experience in Repsol, a Major Oil Company in Spain Jesus Contreras, iSOCO
Domingo Valhondo Solano, Repsol
Francesco Carbone, Intelligent Software Components S.A.
Luis M. Lovaco Werd, Repsol
04:45 PM – 05:45 PM
MIKE2.0 for the Semantic Enterprise Michael K. Bergman, Structured Dynamics