Semantics in Financial Services

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Special requirements in the financial industries make semantics an ideal fit

The financial industry has a specific set of data management concerns and requirements that make it well-suited for semantic applications and solutions.One of the primary drivers of IT strategies within Financial Services organizations is the need to collect data from multiple disparate sources across the organization and re-assemble it  into a new more comprehensive and more meaningful whole.  The attempt to effectively homogenize data characterizes the underlying thrust of many technologies that are in use today by financial institutions. 

This track will provide an overview of the many ways semantic technologies are being used in the financial industries today, from a 360-degree views of the customer, to meeting stringent reporting requirements, and from fraud detection to risk analysis and credit monitoring.  



Highlights Include:

  • Introduction to Semantic Applications in the Financial Industries
  • XBRL and XBRL Query
  • Information accountability
  • Data and Regulations
  • Case Studies in data integration, financial news publishing, regulatory compliance, fraud detection and risk management 
  • Technical and Non-technical sessions

Featured Session:

Semantic Applications for Financial Services

David S Newman
Strategic Planning Manager Enterprise Architecture,
Wells Fargo


There are limitations and costs associated with conventional data management technologies for which Semantic Technologies offer promising solutions and additional key benefits. This session will describe some of these known constraints, offer an overview of semantic technology and describe how it may potentially provide benefit; particularly in terms of specific business use cases common to financial institutions.



10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Semantic Applications for Financial Services David S. Newman, Wells Fargo
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
The Enterprise Data Management Council Semantics Repository Case Study Mike G. Bennett, EDM Council Inc.
02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Semantic Applications in the Financial Services Industry Drew Warren, Recognos Financial LLC
03:15 PM – 04:15 PM
Information Made Accountable: The Data Projection Model Michel Biezunski, Infoloom
  Improving Institutional Portfolio Performance through Better Data Interoperability Chito Jovellanos, forward look, inc.
04:30 PM – 05:30 PM
Enterprise Semantic Data Integration Fran Clark, Arpeggio Technology
Denisa Popescu, World Bank Group, Enterprise Architecture
  Semantic XBRL Data Search Using SPARQL Ashu Bhatnagar,
11:45 AM – 12:15 PM
Investment Banking, Structured Products, Open Datas and Semantic Technologies: a encouraging Success Story Leo Keller, Blue Ocean Semantic Web Solutions GmbH Z├╝rich-Switzerland