Semantic Web for Dummies Today! – Jeff Pollock

Semantic Web for Dummies is here! At long last the Dummies series book for the Semantic Web has hit the presses and is being shipped around the world. This book was ruminating in my head for many years and will hopefully turn on a few more people to the tremendous potential that the Semantic Web makes possible today.
First and foremost, this book isn’t for dummies – instead, the Dummies series books aim to make difficult topics simpler and more appropriate as an introductory guide. As such the Semantic Web for Dummies book is really going to be best for folks looking to start from square-one and learn a little about the technology, applications, benefits and vast opportunity that the next-generation Web offers.
In order to provide a gentle introduction to such a vast topic, I’ve split the book into different parts that focus on (a) consumer-facing semantic websites, (b) business applications for the Semantic Web, (c) a primer for RDF & OWL languages, and (d) a series of chapters about the architectures and implementation practices for Semantic Web software systems. In this way, I am hoping that everybody find a little bit of new and useful information in all parts of the book!
So go ahead, take a look at the book on Amazon, or browse the table of contents from my own website… let me know what you think!


Just got it

Hi Jeff,

I’m in Dublin, Ireland doing some research on the potential effects of the Semantic Web on business processes. Just got your book today and like the confidence of your opening sentence re “manifest destiny”. Do you have a personal blog?


Semantic Web For Dummies

I have some “Dummies” and they are really easy written – I mean it is easy to follow. So I am really curious what your book is about (as long as you wrote that it is not for dummies :-))

Semantics Plus — A Wiki for Executable English

A Wiki for Executable English — think Wikipedia for English that works as a program. Yes, it really exists! It’s at, and shared use is free.

Here’s a presentation and a video: (Flash video with audio)