Primal Launches Automated Publishing and Community Engagement Solution at DEMO Fall 2010 (Press Release)

New Primal Pages for Publishers leverages advanced semantic technology to make Web publishing and community engagement easier than ever

DEMO Fall 2010 – SANTA CLARA, CA, September 14, 2010 — Live today from the 2010 DEMO Fall Conference, Primal, a pioneer of Internet automation technology, officially launched an exciting new product.  Primal Pages for Publishers provides a simpler, more convenient way to assemble and publish Web content. With just a few clicks, Pages for Publishers automatically generates unique web pages based on the interests of individual people in the publisher’s audience. Following the launch of its semantic technology platform and thought networking products for consumers in June, Primal presents the company’s latest innovation at the world-renowned DEMO conference, taking place this week at the Silicon Valley Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara September 13 – 15, 2010.

Primal Pages for Publishers automates the entire publishing process, from identifying topics to provisioning content to organizing information. It also provides a dynamic and vibrant medium for engaging readers directly in the process. This not only saves publishers valuable time and money but also providers their audience with a more personalized and engaging online experience. For innovative publishers large and small, Primal Pages delivers increased revenue opportunities, more reader engagement, and reduced costs via a scalable, customizable platform.

“We recognized that individuals and organizations were really struggling to create online content, so we decided to provide people with a dead-simple way to get that job done,” said Primal’s Founder and Co-President Peter Sweeney. “We’re streamlining the management of even the broadest subject matter and tailoring the user experience to markets of one. With Primal Pages, the audience effortlessly personalizes their online experience, under the editorial guidance of the publisher, leading to a much richer experience for all.”

Pages for Publishers enables media outlets, independent publishers, and individuals to augment their online presence with fresh content from around the Web, driven by the specific interests of each individual reader. Pages can incorporate a range of content sources based on the requirements of the publisher, such as blogs, book recommendations, images, news and other reference material.

Primal technology allows their readers to imagine and architect content in real-time rather than placing the burden on the publishers to build it in advance. Further, by drawing upon information from the entire Web, Pages for Publishers offers the publisher’s audience a compelling reason to stay engaged.  By providing a scalable, customizable platform, Primal dramatically reduces the costs of maintaining large websites and communities. Primal plans to offer ad-supported and transactional pricing models to support publishers of all sizes.

 “Consumers are looking for instant gratification.  Primal now offers Web publishers a way to leverage the mass amount of content on the Web to provide a seamless, complete experience in one simple view.  We feel that this implementation of semantic technology will be a game changer for the industry,” said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO.

Primal Pages is different from traditional approaches that utilize teams of people to search and seek out information on a specific topic. Primal applies a unique and patented semantic synthesis technology to completely automate the process, saving publishers significant time and money. Today, valuable pieces of information are scattered across the Internet requiring publishers to troll the Web, visiting various destinations to find the information they need. Now, with Primal Pages for Publishers, publishers can painlessly supplement their original content with dynamic, relevant, and valuable content from across the Internet.

Peter Sweeney, along with Robert Barlow-Busch, will be presenting Primal’s Pages for Publishers live from the DEMO stage on Wednesday, September 15 and will be located at Station #13 in the Pavilion.

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