Semantifi Debuts First Search App Marketplace for the ‘Deep Web’

Startup Reveals the ‘Invisible Web’ with Semantic Search Apps that Tap the Power of Community


SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ — DEMOfall 2010 — Semantifi, Inc., a pioneer in Web Data Search, today publicly launched, a Search App Marketplace that empowers internet users to publish and search structured data. The Semantifi portal enables users to access the ‘Deep Web,’ which accounts for 99 percent of the information on the internet – but inaccessible to Google and Bing’s general purpose keyword search engines.

“The technology of leading search engines works fine for web pages, but not for structured data,” said Shree Pragada, founder and CEO of Semantifi, Inc. “This is why using a keyword search engine to find ‘digital cameras under $400’ or ‘earmarks of California Senators’ or ‘analyst ratings on Microsoft’ produces thousands of search results, but does not deliver an appropriate answer.” hosts over 50 Search Apps which are focused search engines specific to datasets. Apps include SEC filings, Government Spending, U.S. Economic Metrics, U.S. Census data, Senator Earmarks, Crunchbase and more. Users can ask simple questions, get knowledge based search results and interpret the data with automatically generated visuals – such as charts, graphs, maps and tables.

“Semantifi’s Search Apps create the ability to analyze data in new and creative ways,” said Bryant Sheehy, Director of Business Development, Zacks Investment Research, Inc. “This new approach to searching and visualizing data has the potential to show investors subtle differences in underlying trends that they can use to make more profitable investments in this volatile trading market.”

Unlike keyword or natural language search engines, Semantifi is powered by a patented knowledge base search engine that understands the meaning of words regardless of language structure. This unique technology is hosted at to empower the internet community to search, share and monetize data via the first Search App Marketplace.

Similar to the Wikipedia community model, anyone can use Semantifi to publish and search datasets. Publishers include businesses, government agencies, research firms, content owners and individuals. Apps can be of personal interest, high public appeal or have revenue potential. Semantifi Search Apps can be shared publicly with all for free or only with paid subscribers.

“In the future, search will be powered by millions of community-built Search Apps – not 2-3 general purpose search engines,” added Pragada. “Together, we will unlock the Deep Web.”

About Semantifi

Semantifi Inc. is a pioneer in Web Data Search with the goal of unlocking structured content within the ‘Deep Web.’ The portal enables Internet users with a platform to publish and search datasets as Search Apps. With Search Apps, users can ask simple questions, search all published datasets, get relevant answers, and interpret data with automatic visuals, such as charts and tables. The Semantifi portal includes numerous search applications and the company is in the process of licensing its technology to third parties to power Semantic Search across vertical industries. For more information, please visit

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