Semsphere to Present at SemTech 2009

Semsphere to Present Global Education Program on Semantic Technologies

Innsbruck, Austria – Semsphere (, an education company focused on helping customers understand and apply semantic technologies, will present its product offer at SemTech 2009 conference on Wednesday June 16th. Semsphere’s Semantic Web Curriculum afford IT professionals the means to understand, master and apply Semantic Technologies, marking a major evolution beyond the education offer currently available in the field.

Semantic technologies are at core of the next generation of Web. Semsphere helps organizations and individuals understand and realize the benefits of the semantic technologies long before the competition. As the Web progresses towards the adoption of semantic technologies the need for complete education programs is more and more evident. By means of practical trainings on main stream semantic technologies and leading vendor tools Semsphere helps understanding and using semantics.

Semsphere’s offer has been endorsed and developed by the leading companies and experts on the field. As a consequence, our certifications, specialties and tailored education afford the required level of expertise together with globally recognizable credentials in the progressing field. Through its Education Alliance Partner Program (EAPP) Semsphere helps education institutions deliver better semantic training and certifications. Through its specialties and Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) Semsphere specifically targets tool vendors featuring semantic technologies. It helps them better engage with their customers, shorten sales cycles and have a global reach, by affording customers the means to understand and make use of new and advanced product features based on a break through paradigm.

“Semantic technologies are proving to be instrumental in realizing the next stage of the Web,” said CAST CEO, Christian Mathes, whose investment firm, CAST, provided the founding capital to the company.
“Semsphere is building the first global training and certification program positioned to help companies, big and small, realize the concrete benefit of the Semantic Web. Through its partnership programs, scalable business model, exploitation of the STI International network, and specialized focus on technology providers and software companies, Semsphere holds considerable potential to become the leading education provider in the progressing field.”

Atanas Kiryakov, Executive Director of Ontotext AD, said, “Semsphere is addressing critical challenges that all IT companies making use of Semantic Technologies face when it comes to training internal staff and customers. Nowadays, key people in companies like Ontotext spend plenty of their time to educate employees, partners, and customers on general semantic technology-related subjects. Semsphere helps IT companies make such training more efficient and allows them to focus on mastering products and specific semantic technologies.”

The company will be offering its first trainings shortly after the conference specifically targeting early adopters and affiliated partners.



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