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A new public wiki site has been set up at W3C, nicknamed “Semantic Web Standards Wiki” or SWSWiki. It is not the goal of this wiki to supersede other community wikis like Semanticweb.org or OWLED Wiki; instead it is to provide a “first stop” for more information on Semantic Web technologies, in particular on Semantic Web Standards published by the W3C. Communities around such standards are also welcome to use the Wiki for their purpose; as an example, and thanks to Antoine Isaac, the SKOS community has already begun creating its own specific pages. Essentially, the role of this Wiki is to be an alternative (and, at some point in the future, maybe a replacement) to the ESW Wiki at W3C, but concentrating on Semantic Web only and using Semantic Media Wiki as an underlying technology.

Some pages from the ESW wiki have already been copied to ESWWiki. For example, the old book list has been copied to SWSWiki Book page. The old ESW list of tools, as well as some related pages like the Commercial Product have also been copied; however, and in contrast to the book list, this was not simply a copy of the pages but a new structure was also created, making use of the possibilities of Semantic Media Wiki. As a result, each tool has its own, separate page (produced by a template) and different types of searches can be performed on the tool list to find the ones usable from, say, Python and relevant to OWL development. See the new tools‘ list for further details and the contributors‘ page if you also want to contribute. (No major change on the content of the tool descriptions have been made during this copy, although, in some cases, different texts referring to the same tool have been merged. Apologies if some mistakes have been made along the line.) Each tool also gained an automatic RDF description, thanks again to the possibilities offered by the Semantic Media Wiki.

This is an evolving Wiki. Evolving, meaning that new pages and new features will be added as time goes by; and Wiki, meaning that it relies on community contributions. Anybody having a W3C account (member or public) can and is welcome to contribute to the pages. General comments are also welcome (best is to send them to the Semantic Web Activity Lead, Ivan Herman, or discuss it on the SW IG).

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