Walt Diggelmann, CEO of ai-one inc. to Speak at SemTech 2010

La Jolla CA | Zurich Switzerland June 18 2010– At SemTech 2010 Walt Diggelmann will present partner projects CENDOO butler, Brainup and ASTIS™. 

The CENDOO butler is autonomic intelligence to facilitate both creative and logical semiotic data processes. In simple terms it’s an automated information service that interprets your needs to retrieve specific information that can be tailored for better sense-making. Brainup uses the ai-one™ Topic-Mapper API to mine and understand legacy, archived and current content on intranet, enterprise and document management systems. 

For pixel/image data, ASTIS™ Automatic Shoe Track Information System matches and analyzes shoe tracks for crime laboratories. ASTIS has the ability to learn individual forms but also groupings of forms relevant for matching images. It can learn from experience, deal with ambiguity and unknown situations, know when to ask for help, and recover from errors.

About ai-one inc., based in San Diego and Zurich, the company has developed an adaptive holosemantic data space with semiotic capabilities (“biologically inspired intelligence”) that allows users to quickly analyze and discover meaningful patterns of interleaved text, time related data, and images. With the ai-one™ SDK, developers create intelligent applications that deliver better sense-making capabilities for semantic discovery, knowledge collaboration, sentiment analysis, image recognition, data mining and more.  It also provides complex AI with reasoning and learning capabilities that get smarter with each use. www.ai-one.com