Zepheira Announces Freemix New Social Networking Site for Data Sharing

Semantic Web Technology Platform Enables Data Collaboration via the Web
San Jose, CA – June 16, 2009 – Zepheira™, a leading global provider of semantic web technology services for accelerating the integration and understanding of complex information, today announced the availability of Freemix™ [http://freemix.it] for invitational beta. Freemix is a new and innovative platform that allows users to slice, show and share data via the Web. The announcement was made at the Semantic Technology 2009 Conference [http://www.semantic-conference.com], the industry’s largest conference on semantic technologies.
Freemix [http://www.freemix.it] is a free social networking site for wrapping, exposing and sharing data. The invitational beta of Freemix allows you to rapidly upload data, visualize and share it on the Web, providing quantum leaps in speed, efficiencies and cost reduction in comparison to traditional data management strategies. Over the past year, there has been increasing attention to the critical need for easy ways to quickly wrap and expose both local content and an increasing amount of open data. The ability to rapidly add, visualize and share data is driving the next generation of successful organizations delivering products and services online.
Freemix is a platform to assist people in sharing information which is the foundation of online communities. Provided on demand, as a software-as-a-service offering, Freemix provides easy access to a suite of Web 3.0 tools and a highly-customizable user interface for improved visualization and analysis.
David Wood [http://zepheira.com/team/dave/], Partner and co-founder of Zepheira [http://zepheira.com], stated “this new service lowers the barriers for sharing data on the Web and will enable the widespread use of semantic web technologies. With Freemix, you can now you can point at data, perform powerful transformations, create metadata and in minutes create a compelling Web-based user interface.” An entrepreneur and multidisciplinary engineer, Dr. Wood has been involved with the development of Semantic Web standards, tools, products and services since 1999.