Panel: Semantic Advertising Roundtable – SemTech 2009 Video

Scott Brinker, ion interactive, inc.

Brooke Aker, Expert System USA
Amiad Solomon, Peer39
Amit Kumar, Dapper
Greg Stuart, gregstuart.com

This moderated panel discusses "semantic advertising" in the market today, with representatives from:

* An ad network using semantic technology (Peer39)
* a company using semantic technology to dynamically generate advertising content (Dapper)
* A company using semantic technology to dynamically feed ad content on a mobile platform (Expert System)
* an expert in advertising and former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (Greg Stuart)

The focus of this session is to give business people and technologists an understanding of how semantic technology is being used in online advertising today. This is a broad survey of the different ideas labeled as "semantic advertising" — presented by the people leading those initiatives — both to see what they have in common and how they’re different.

The Semantic Web Gang looks back at SemTech 2009 – SemTech 2009 Video

Paul Miller, The Cloud of Data

Greg Boutin, GrowthRoute Ventures
Leigh Dodds, Talis
Alex Iskold, AdaptiveBlue
Peter Mika, Yahoo! Research
Mills Davis, Project10x

Every month, the Semantic Web Gang podcast brings together a team of researchers, practitioners and managers to share their views on topical developments in the semantic technology space. In a departure from the regular telephone conversation, June’s Gang finds host Paul Miller together on stage with Gang regulars Greg Boutin, Mills Davis, Leigh Dodds, Alex Iskold and Peter Mika and special guest Tony Shaw (Semantic Universe). We take a typical Gang look back over the Semantic Technology Conference, discussing our impressions and listening to those of our audience. Watch this video to see the Gang in action, to hear their opinions, and comment below to contribute your own views.

Panel: Linked Open Data – SemTech 2009 Video

MODERATOR: Paul Miller, The Cloud of Data

Jamie Taylor, Metaweb Technologies, Inc.
Leigh Dodds, Talis
James Leigh, James Leigh Services, Inc.
Kingsley Idehen, OpenLink Software, Inc.

The "data commons" is a cornerstone of the semantic web vision. The Linked and Open Data movements are progressing beyond the early adopter phase and preparing to cross the chasm. Enough experience now exists to reflect on how this data set is being used, how useful it is, and where we can take it from here. Beyond the basics, the panel will discuss issues such as quality of service, stability, and longevity. They’ll also explore the evolution of the semantic web with a particular emphasis on modes of data use, reuse and aggregation.

KEYNOTE: Semantics at The New York Times – SemTech 2009 Video

The first semantic search system for The New Times was released in 1913 and was available bound in either paper ($6) or cloth ($8). In the 96 years since the advent of The Historical Index to The New York Times, semantic technology has become central to The New York Times’ daily operations and the focus of much internal research and development.

KEYNOTE: The Game Changer: Siri, a Virtual Personal Assistant – SemTech 2009 Video

We are beginning to see a new interaction paradigm for the web: the Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA). A VPA is task focused: it helps you get things done. You interact with it in natural language, in a conversation. It gets to know you, acts on your behalf, and gets better with time. The VPA paradigm builds on the information and services of the web, with new technical challenges of semantic intent understanding, context awareness, service delegation, and mass personalization.