KEYNOTE: The Game Changer: Siri, a Virtual Personal Assistant – SemTech 2009 Video

We are beginning to see a new interaction paradigm for the web: the Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA). A VPA is task focused: it helps you get things done. You interact with it in natural language, in a conversation. It gets to know you, acts on your behalf, and gets better with time. The VPA paradigm builds on the information and services of the web, with new technical challenges of semantic intent understanding, context awareness, service delegation, and mass personalization.

KEYNOTE: The Big Picture – How Semantic Technologies Introduce a New Paradigm for Interaction – SemTech 2009 Video

SPEAKER: Thomas "Tom" Tague
OpenCalais Initiative Lead
Thomson Reuters OpenCalais Initiative

The mainstream adoption of Web 2.0 technologies – from RSS feeds to social networks – is hastening the demise of the portal. With each new face on Facebook, and each new Twitter account, our once routine habits and traffic patterns shift. This wave of change in the way we consume, transact and interact on the Web is dis-intermediating ‘destination’ sites of all kinds. Our once centralized content has been atomized.

KEYNOTE: Executive Round Table: Semantic Search – SemTech 2009 Video

This Keynote is presented in six parts.

Moderated by: Carla Thompson, Guidewire Group
Andrew Tomkins, Yahoo! Search
Peter Norvig, Google
Riza Berkan, hakia
Scott Prevost, Powerset division of bing
Tomasz Imielinski, Ask.com
William Tunstall-Pedoe, True Knowledge

Wolfram|Alpha – An Interview – SemTech 2009 Video

Russell Foltz-Smith, Business Development for Wolfram|Alpha sits down with Nova Spivack of Twine.com to discuss the recent launch; what Wolfram|Alpha is (and is not) and where the much talked about project is heading from here. How is Wolfram pursuing distribution, licensing deals, etc.? What will their API look like?


Is semantic technology helping ads? Hardly – Vator.tv

Former president of IAB, Greg Stuart, says semantic technology isn’t close to improving targeting

Former Interactive Advertising Bureau President, Greg Stuart, sits down in this video interview with journalist Bambi Francisco (Vator.tv) at SemTech 2009 to discuss how semantic technology isn’t even close to improving targeting (6:20 minutes).

See this video on Vator.tv.