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Exploding Opportunities – on the Web, in Government, and now the Enterprise 

“Linked Data (or Linked Open Data) is an emerging set of concepts and technologies for combining and integrating data. This exciting branch of the semantic web is finding applications across government and industry and for a variety of applications from new web-based mashups and visualizations, to the pragmatic enterprise requirements for data extraction, integration and management. Linked data is a key component of both the UK and US government initiatives for greater transparency and citizen accountability.

Sessions at SemTech 2010 will explain Linked Data (and Linked open Data) technologies, and how you can start to use them yourself. Beyond the basics you’ll learn about extending linked data into the enterprise, right down to the level of individual spreadsheets. You’ll see how to use tools such as OpenCalais for extracting linkable data from documents and how the open source publishing tool Drupal offers linked data capabilities directly from the content management system. Examples of organizations exposing linked data include the New York Times and Technical issues such as include a standardized mapping language, schema mapping and data reconciliation, will also be discussed.


Discussions and demos of Linked Data applications including:

  • Microblogging
  • Social networks
  • Open Government
  • Content management
  • Publishing
  • Data mashups
  • Data visualization
  • Life sciences research
  • Online shopping
  • Mobile apps
  • Linked Data on the iPhone
  • Enterprise data integration
  • Twitter apps
  • Spreadsheet integration

Featured Sessions: 


08:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Linked Enterprise Data David Wood, Zepheira, LLC
Bernadette Hyland, Zepheira, LLC
12:00 PM – 01:00 PM
Linked Data for Sustainability Brian McBride, Epimorphics Ltd
05:00 PM – 06:00 PM
SMOB – A Framework for Semantic MicrOBlogging Alexandre Passant, DERI / seevl — Community Annotations of Linked Data Using Twitter Leigh Dodds, Talis Systems Ltd
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Accelerating the Adoption of Linked Data Georgi Kobilarov, Uberblic Labs
Dave Reynolds, Epimorphics Ltd
  From Relational Databases to the Semantic Web — New W3C Standards and Directions Ivan Herman, World Wide Web Consortium
02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Using GPUs to Browse Through Billions of Linked Data Facts Atanas Kostadinov Kiryakov, Ontotext AD
03:15 PM – 04:15 PM
How to Make Linked Data More Than Data Prateek Jain, Kno.e.sis, Wright State University
Amit P. Sheth, Kno.e.sis, Wright State University
Peter Z. Yeh, Accenture Technology Labs
Kunal Verma, Accenture Technology Labs
Pascal Hitzler, Kno.e.sis, Wright State University
05:45 PM – 06:15 PM
Exploring Schema Spaces in Linked Open Data Jans Aasman, Franz Inc
07:30 AM – 08:20 AM
Consuming Linked Data Juan P Sequeda, Capsenta
09:45 AM – 03:30 PM
Collaborative Authoring and Sharing of Semantic Web-based Applications Daniel Schwabe, Dept. of Informatics, PUC-Rio
10:15 AM – 10:45 AM
Six Step SAFARI from the Dublin Core to the Semantic Web Ron Daniel, Elsevier
10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Transparent, Open Government with Linked Data – and Suzanne Acar, U.S. Federal Data Subcommittee
Ian Davis, Talis
11:45 AM – 12:45 PM
Open Architectures for Open Government Cory B. Casanave, Model Driven Solutions
Brand L. Niemann, Semantic Community
02:00 PM – 03:00 PM
Applications and Examples of Linked Data in Government Kevin Ford, Network Development & MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Li Ding, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
James Hendler, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Deborah L. McGuinness, RPI and McGuinness Associates
08:30 AM – 03:00 PM
How to Build Linked Data Sites with Drupal 7 and RDFa Stéphane Corlosquet, MIND Informatics
Lin Clark, DERI Galway
Alexandre Passant, DERI Galway
09:45 AM – 10:15 AM
Avoiding a Semantic Web Road Block: URI Management and Ontology Evolution Michael F. Uschold, Semantic Arts