Panel: Business Models and Market Opportunities for Semantic Start-Ups – SemTech 2009 Audio

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Greg Boutin, GrowthRoute Ventures
William Mougayar, Eqentia, Inc.
Fraser Kelton, AdaptiveBlue Inc

We will review the state of semantic technologies as a business, discuss the near future, and exchange suggestions with entrepreneurs in the space. In particular, marketing semantic applications presents a challenging paradox: attracting early-adopters by promoting Semantic technology alienates main stream consumers; and, marketing toward mainstream consumers creates disinterest with early-adopters.

Key questions we’ll tackle:

  • What semantic technologies are market-ready?
  • Where and how have these technologies infiltrated and impacted existing industries?
  • What problems do these solutions solve?
  • What other problems can they be expected to tackle soon?
  • What business models already work? What others do we see emerging?
  • How to improve the overlap between semantic technologies and real needs?
  • How to bring new semantic apps to market successfully
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Speakers Profiles:

GrowthRoute Ventures

Greg Boutin is the founder of GrowthRoute Ventures, through which he helps tech ventures go to market, raise funding and scale their operations. Greg blogs at and is a regular member of the Semantic Web Gang podcast. Previously, Greg worked as a marketing director for a web venture in concept extraction and served as a consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. Greg received an MBA from Stanford University. He lives in Ontario, Canada, and currently assists a number of semantic technology companies across North America and overseas.

AdaptiveBlue Inc

Fraser has spent his career bringing emerging technologies to market. Currently Fraser is the VP, Business Development at AdaptiveBlue, a leading consumer-facing semantic web company. Previously to joining AdaptiveBlue, Fraser was a member of Trivaris, a seed stage investment firm specializing in the commercialization of new technology. Fraser has spoken at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo, DowJones VentureOne Summit, Add-on-Con and other national technology conferences.

Eqentia, Inc.

William Mougayar is the founder and CEO of Eqentia, a semantic aggregation platform that enables the rapid customization of knowledge dashboards allowing users to productively consume, find and correlate new information. Eqentia is pioneering new ways to personalize and deploy taxonomies, leveraged by social collaboration. William has more than 27 years of leadership experience in the technology industry as an entrepreneur, business executive, professional speaker, consultant and author. Previously, he held senior positions at Hewlett-Packard, Aberdeen Group and Cognizant.