Open Architectures for Open Government
    Cory B. Casanave
Model Driven Solutions
    Brand L. Niemann
Semantic Cloud Computing Evangelist


Thursday, June 24, 2010
11:45 AM – 12:45 PM
Level:  Business / Non-Technical

PART I (30 minutes) | Linked Open Architectures for Open Government

Cory Casanave, CEO
Model Driven Solutions

Open government is based on the ideals of making information more visible, accessible, and useful. This session will discuss the role of linked open data applied to open government architectures to make government more visible, collaborative and participatory.

The information to better understand government, how to work with it and to leverage government data is trapped in hard to access architectures. Applying linked open data (LOD) to architectural information provides a mechanism to support open government while improving inter- and intra-government collaboration and data sharing. Linked open architectures for government include the description of government processes, services, structures and information – both at the business and technology levels. Opening up this data and linking it together makes it more valuable and more accessible. This session will demonstrate the value proposition and technical approach for achieving open government with linked open architectures.

PART II (30 minutes) | Put Your Desktop in the Cloud to Support the Open Government Directive

Brand Niemann
Semantic Cloud Computing Evangelist

A Semantic Cloud Computing Desktop/Mobile Apps with Linked Open Data that consists of the following:

  • A database of “things” referenced by URL’s
  • A free Wiki (Deki Express) that was a “fork” from MediaWiki that evolved to a platform (web-services with a wiki interface) that further evolved to a Cloud Computing Internet Operating System Desktop
  • A semantic publishing environment that supports use on Mobile Apps (e.g., iPhone) and Linked Open Data through MindTouch Extensions (e.g., App Catalog and Deki Mobile), conversion of the MySQL database to an RDF triple-store (e.g., DBpedia), and use with spreadsheet tools (e.g., Cambridge Semantics).
Now that Google and other search engines are reorienting rankings to favor inclusion of semantics and RDFa, this becomes a very strong argument for Linked Open Data for the government.

Disclaimer: This does not reflect the views of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and does not constitute endorsement by the EPA of the standards or products mentioned.

Mr. Casanave is an industry leader in leveraging modeling and architecture to solve real world problems and getting more value from architecture through applying model driven and semantic technologies. Mr. Casanave is CEO of Model Driven Solutions, an architectural services firm focused on fortune 1000 and government clients. Mr. Casanave is also founder of, an open source community for architectures and modeling tools. Recently Cory has been focusing on solving the problems with incompatible and fragmented modeling tools, languages and data by applying linked open data to architecture integration to better align the data, processes, services and business rules between organizations, citizens and the supply chain.

Brand Niemann is a Senior Enterprise Architect with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency where he works on Web 2.0 and 3.0 for Enterprise and Data Architecture and Improved Access to Environmental Data and Information. Brand has been on the Program Advisory Board for the Semantic Technology Conferences 2006-2008.

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