PART I | Cloud- and Cluster-Computing Technologies for the Semantic Web

nKurt Rohloff, Scientist, BBN TechnologiesnMany popular SemWeb technologies are deployed on a single (or a small number of) machine(s) at a time. This is fine when the data processed is small, but this creates horrible processing/coordination bottlenecks for web-scale data problems. The underserved need for distributed computing technologies and the recent development of web-scale distributed computing technologies (such MapReduce implemented in Hadoop) has drive the development of cloud- and cluster-based SemWeb technologies to serve the fundamentally www-scale SemWeb vision. I propose to organize either a panel discussion or a talk that will survey the state-of-the-art in cloud- and cluster-based computing technologies applicable to highly scalable SemWeb information processing. This overview will include a survey of the relevant highly-scalable SemWeb projects such as larKC and Sindice, discussions of the underlying distributed computing technologies that enable these projects and consideration of other cloud- and cluster-based computing technologies that could be used for further advancement.n

PART II | Leveraging Semantic Technologies for Cloud and Grid Data Center Automation

nGeoff Brown, CEO, m2mi Corp.nThis technical presentation explores and elaborates on how semantic technology has been successfully leveraged to help resolve infrastructure issues related to Rich Internet Application delivery for Grid and Cloud based deployments. Key issues such as automated configuration, security and infrastructure orchestration are explored and resolved. The presentation uses a series of use-cases to compare and contrast how early success has been secured and obstacles overcome.nThe presentation favors a gradual migration to Grid and Cloud based systems rather than a big bang approach. DTSTART:20100625T083000 SUMMARY:Semantics in the Cloud DTEND:20100625T092959 LOCATION:2010 Semantic Technology Conference END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR