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PART I | Resource Identity and Semantic Extensions: Making Sense of Ambiguity

nDavid Booth, Software Architect, Cleveland Clinic nWhat does a URI denote? How should its referent be determined, even in the presence of semantic extensions that affect the interpretation of an RDF graph? How should ambiguity be viewed?nOne view is that a given URI has no fixed referent, but may denote different things in different contexts. Another is that each URI should have a URI declaration that precisely delimits its interpretation. Some suggest reusing existing URIs in new contexts, while others prefer to mint new URIs and then allow owl:sameAs assertions to indicate that two URIs denote the same thing.nThis presentation sheds light on these issues by explaining how ambiguity of a URI’s referent fits within standard RDF semantics, how this ambiguity applies to the use of owl:sameAs, and proposes a standard operational sequence for determining the intended referent of a URI, even in the the presence of semantic extensions.n

PART II | RDF as a Query Language

nJames Leigh, Senior Software Consultant, Zepheira, LLC nDavid Wood, Partner, Zepheira, LLCnRDFa makes creating and publishing RDF as easy as writing HTML, but RDFa can also make querying RDF just as easy.nThis session explores how to use RDFa to query by example. Learn how to construct complicated SPARQL queries using the familiar syntax of HTML and RDFa. Using the Callimachus framework (, HTML documents with RDFa markup are used as templates to automatically construct SPARQL queries, query an RDF datastore and construct the resulting Web page.nThe Callimachus framework’s architecture, syntax and usage will be presented with a focus on the use of RDFa as a query language. By the end of the session, experienced Web authors should be ready to create their own Semantic Web applications. DTSTART:20100625T094500 SUMMARY:RDF Friday Part 2: Intermediate Technical Issues – Extending and Querying RDF DTEND:20100625T104459 LOCATION: See Description END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR