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Platinum Sponsors

Ontotext is the leading provider of core semantic technology distinctive for its performance and scalability. It is the developer of OWLIM – the most scalable semantic database. Another outstanding product of Ontotext is KIM – the most popular semantic annotation and search platform. Ontotext’s technology delivers real-world applications in Life Sciences, Financial Intelligence, Telecommunications, Publishing, Online Recruitment, Web Search, and other areas. Its customers and OEM partners include top-10 pharmaceutical company, top-5 US military contractor, financial intelligence institutions, as well as, customer-facing semantic technology companies, e-business and social media start-ups. Ontotext is involved in several joint-ventures, which deliver vertical and regional search solutions.



Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world’s most complete, open, and integrated business software and hardware systems company.  For more information about Oracle, visit

Gold Sponsors

Atigeo™ is a compassionate technology company dedicated to empowering the consumer through the enterprise with xPatterns™, a privacy based semantic platform.  Turning today’s voyeuristic web model on its head, Atigeo predicts that both consumers and enterprises will simultaneously be more successful when individuals are in control of their own persona and privacy, allowing the enterprise to relate to consumers on their terms.  Through applications built on the xPatterns platform, individuals can manage their personas and keep them private, creating a set of unprecedented experiences on the Internet and throughout each and every enterprise and consumer experience.  Deploying the xPatterns platform, enterprises become stewards of their own data, enabling advanced abilities to discover and understand data patterns, while maintaining absolutely private, portable, and personal experiences with the consumers they serve.

Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics Anzo Suite enables non-technical knowledge workers to respond to dynamic and unanticipated situations at the speed of business using tools they already know, including Microsoft Excel and web browsers.  Using Anzo, end users, without having to rely on IT, can create enterprise applications complete with access control and data lineage that enable reporting on data previously trapped in Excel silos.  Semantics makes it possible; Anzo makes it practical.

Franz Inc. is an innovative technology company with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Semantic Web solutions. AllegroGraph, Franz’s high-performance, scalable, disk-based RDF Database, provides the solid storage layer for powerful geotemporal reasoning, social network analytics and ontology modeling capabilities for today’s Semantic Technology applications. Franz’s products and services are uniquely positioned to help bring your Web 3.0 ideas to reality.

Revelytix was founded in 2005 to apply semantic technology to problems that continue to limit enterprise integration, information management and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Our company combines expertise in enterprise information management and software development with extensive experience in semantic technology. Revelytix is focused exclusively on using semantics to solve difficult enterprise information management challenges. Over the last four years we have developed semantically enabled software tools supported by formal methodologies that solve serious information management challenges. We have a reputation for practical innovation, having successfully applied semantic technology to resolve challenges related to system interoperability, enterprise information management and cross domain analysis.

TopQuadrant is a global leader in enterprise solutions, solution services and training programs powered by semantic web technology and the integrated capabilities of TopBraid Suite™. We offer high-value, next generation solutions in the areas of Enterprise Vocabulary Management, Semantic-enabled Data Exchange, data integration and others. The company’s customers include Fortune 1000 corporations in retail, pharmaceutical, financial services, medical/healthcare, manufacturing, and energy industries as well as government agencies in the areas of defense, intelligence and airspace. For more information, visit

Zepheira is a leading provider of services applying semantic technology and Web architecture to reduce complexity, increase collaboration and support social computing. At the STC’2009, Zepheira is launching a new service, Freemix ™ – social networking for data. Freemix helps you rapidly upload data, visualize data and share it on the Web. Learn more about Zepheira at and Freemix on

Silver Sponsors
Raytheon BBN

For over 60 years, BBN Technologies has been a pioneer in knowledge and information sciences, networking, information security, speech and natural language processing, and physical sciences. BBN is a recognized leader in the development and real-world application of Semantic Technologies for both government and commercial clients. These technologies include semantic distributed query (AsioTM Scout), Triple stores (Parliament), ontology mapping (Snoggle), and dynamic visualization (Kineti-GraphTM).

OpenCalais is a Thomson Reuters initiative that supports the interoperability of content and advances the company’s mission to deliver intelligent information by connecting all business-relevant information. It leverages the company’s substantial investment in semantic technologies and Natural Language Processing to offer free metadata generation services, developer tools and an open standard for the generation of semantic content. The free OpenCalais service and open API makes it easy to automate content operations, enhance content with Linked Data assets, increase audience engagement and extend distribution across the digital ecosystem. Visit

Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. The company combines industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, scientific, healthcare and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization. With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs more than 50,000 people in 93 countries.  For more information, go to

Clark & Parsia is software company specializing in Semantic Web and advanced systems. We provide infrastructure and application solutions to government and commercial customers in health care & life sciences, aerospace, financial services, oil & gas, IT, and defense industries. We offer end-user and OEM licensing, as well as commercial support for a wide-range of Semantic Web infrastructure components.


ontoprise, a world leader in Semantic Web technologies, presents together with IBM, an innovation in processing unstructured information to deliver effective business analytics. Based on this innovative solution, information can be quickly derived from documents, allowing them to be efficiently retrieved or directly analyzed with company-specific rules. This capability tremendously improves access to information and gives rise to smarter business decisions that are based on enhanced information consolidated from disparate sources.


Intellidimension, founded in 2000, is a leading provider of technology and services in the field of semantic computing. As one of first companies to bring a Semantic Web product to market, Intellidimension provides enterprise class Semantic Web solutions that enable organizations to manage their information in a manner that readily adapts to ever changing business requirements.

Orbis Technologies, Inc. provides world-class Strategic Technology Services to organizations across the Department of Defense and commercial Fortune 50 Clients. Orbis possesses an elite team of subject-matter experts who help clients assess, optimize, and advance their technology portfolio. Orbis’ distinguished technologists have a broad set of semantic technology experiences that include natural language processing, multi-extractor entity extraction, large scale RDF integration, inference/reasoner utilization, ontology development, Cloud analytics, Cloud infrastructure development, semantic Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and fusion programs.


Saltlux, the “professional information mining and semantic technology provider,” is growing into one of world’s top 10 knowledge service providers. Based on the strengths of its 30 years of accumulated experience since its establishment in 1979, it has differentiated key technologies and a high level of consulting abilities.

Saltlux offers the [IN2] and STORM™ Platform based on the next-generation information search and information mining, and the Semantic Web. The [IN2] and STORM™ platform is designed for information structuring and sharing that will make the customer’s knowledge asset base complete and valuable.

Sandpiper Software

Sandpiper Software is the leading provider of semantic web enabled information architecture solutions. Our offerings bridge software engineering and knowledge representation to create intelligent information systems. We provide architecture services and tools to help insure the success of your project. We will be demonstrating our Visual Ontology Modeler tool for integrating OWL and UML. Sandpiper Software has been helping create leading edge intelligent information systems for government and commerce for more than 10 years.


Semantifi is an open & free semantic search platform to search structured data on the Web. Unlike Google or Bing, Semantifi can crawl, index and search structured data to show presentation-ready tables and charts in real-time even from very large databases. Semantifi is truly unique in allowing the community to configure datasets for search and publishing them as "Search Apps" i.e. focused search engines customized for specific data. Semantifi envisions that millions of such community built Search Apps will power search of structured data or "Deep Web" search and not by current general purpose keyword search engines.


Talis is the UK’s market leader in library management, and a pioneer of online technology. Talis’ software is underpinned by Semantic Web standards, and their Platform is a Linked Data enabling technology for others to build upon.

True Knowledge

True Knowledge is building the first internet-scale platform for answering the world’s questions.

Our goal is to power a new kind of search experience where users can access the world’s knowledge simply by asking for the information they need in a way that is completely natural to them; just as if they were talking to another human being.

It can already answer trillions of questions and as its knowledge base grows, it understands & answers more & more.

Additional Exhibitors
ai-one inc.

ai-one inc. has developed an adaptive semantic neural net with semiotic data handling capabilities (holosemantic SDK/API with libraries) that allows users to quickly analyze and discover meaningful patterns of interleaved text, data, and images. Using ai-one™ you can develop more intelligent applications that understand threaded “context” for faster insights. We call this biologically inspired intelligence.



Collibra is a leading Data Governance vendor for Master Data Management, Service Oriented Architecture and Business Intelligence.

Collibra enables organizations to manage their business context. Leveraging semantic technologies and standards, Collibra brings business and technical stakeholders together to govern business critical information. Collibra transforms data into trustworthy, useable and valuable information for both people and systems. Collibra ‘s Data Governance solution reduces misinterpretation, integration complexity, overhead and risks.


The Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI) is one of the leading international web science research institutes interlinking technologies, information and people to advance business and benefit society.  Experts from DERI will be at SemTech to tell you more about our portfolio of cutting-edge technologies & innovative solutions utilizing linked data and semantic technologies. Drop by to learn more and to discuss the opportunities for collaboration or commercialization that DERI offers.


Evri discovers the most important content on the web and delivers it in real time, inviting consumers to participate in the stories that matter most to them. With over 2.5 million real-time streams across thousands of categories, delivered on the web, mobile and destktop, Evri is fundamentally improving consumers’ access to the events they are most passionate about. Evri is based in San Francisco and Seattle, and is funded by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital.

Expert System

Expert System is the leading provider of semantic software, which discovers, classifies and interprets text information. All Expert System products, which are based on the patent pending technology Cogito®, leverage the company’s expertise in the development of business solutions for the primary markets and support the activities of Knowledge Management, CRM, Marketing and Competitive Intelligence and R&D. Cogito automates the reading and understanding, in the most precise way, of all forms of information for the best decision possible.

The iQser Corporation is the provider of the iQser GIN Platform, a semantic middleware for the integration of heterogeneous data sources including the internet for a semantic real-time analysis. The company focuses on highly efficient automatic processes which can adapt themselves autonomously to the current information and information needs. The iQser GIN Platform enables semantic real-time analyses for advanced business intelligence, dynamic information logistics and intelligent matching processes.


Founded in 1988, KBSI is a dynamic analysis, modeling, and systems/software development company which transitions innovative research and technology into cutting edge solutions and software for government and commercial clients worldwide. Specializing in business process redesign, corporate integration software and services, data mining and analytics, generic algorithm development, semantic search and ontology development, KBSI has established a reputation for turning innovative research results into state-of-the-art commercial products.


1060 Research / NetKernel

NetKernel is a Resource Oriented Computing platform.  It takes the power and flexibility of the REST Web architecture and brings it inside, rebalancing the software equation to put information Resources first. NetKernel powers mission critical systems in telecoms, banking, intelligence, publishing… NetKernel is a proven foundation for Semantic solutions and powers Semantic Universe’s Linked Data services. Visit us to learn more about NetKernel and "The Web Inside" – step away from the APIs, put Resources first.


Taking place August 17-19 in Seattle, pii2010 (privacy identity innovation) is a new conference designed to explore how emerging technologies and business models are impacting data creation, sharing and aggregation – and how to strike a balance between protecting sensitive information and enabling innovation.
The conference will bring together key stakeholders involved in online identity and trust, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, PayPal, TRUSTe, VeriSign, OpenID Foundation, Invention Arts, Quova, Information Card Foundation, Reputation Defender and Privo.


TriviumRLG LLC is a boutique consultancy focused on information strategy and innovation. The power of data lies in the relationships among the discrete bits of information we collect. Using content optimization tactics, taxonomies, ontologies and uniquely capable human resources, the team at TriviumRLG connects the dots that lead to actionable revelations for your business in custom or distributed systems. Clients include leading organizations in the publishing, financial services, pharmaceutical and software industries.



Yolink is a next-generation technology for complex or multi-step searches. Yolink looks behind pages, through links, and inside of documents to help you find and get things done quickly. We take unwieldy results and surface key information so you can focus on getting things done.

You can take advantage of yolink’s search power by installing our browser plug-in, via our desktop application or by visiting a site that has integrated with yolink search.

Community Sponsors
The Information Architecture Institute

The Information Architecture Institute is a global organization that supports individuals and organizations specializing in the design and construction of shared information environments. Through education, advocacy, services, and social networking, the Institute leads the way in demonstrating the value of information architecture to the world at large, and provides a framework for members to improve their skills and enhance their professional standing.


The Object Management Group™  (OMG™) is an international, open membership, not-for-profit computer industry standards consortium. OMG Task Forces develop enterprise integration standards for a wide range of technologies and an even wider range of industries. OMG’s modeling standards, including the Unified Modeling Language™ (UML®) and Model Driven Architecture® (MDA®), enable powerful visual design, execution and maintenance of software and other processes, including IT Systems Modeling and Business Process Management. Visit OMG at

The Data Administration Newsletter is an electronic newsletter that focuses on the exchange of ideas between individuals related to data administration. Every article focuses on tips, techniques, and strategies on how to manage corporate data as a valued asset.

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is an international consortium where Member organizations, a full-time staff, and the public work together to develop Web standards. W3C primarily pursues its mission through the creation of Web standards and guidelines designed to ensure long-term growth for the Web. W3C is creating the core technologies for the Semantic Web, a framework for sharing data across application, enterprise, and community boundaries. To this end, W3C continues to build on its existing standards RDF, SPARQL, OWL, and GRDDL. Over 400 organizations are Members of the Consortium. For more information see

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