The National Information Exchange Model and Semantic-Driven Development

April 14, 2010 – 11:00am12:00pm

Since 2002, several US federal agencies have been deploying XML standards for the exchange of complex data sets. Led by a large project at the US Department of Justice and homeland security, there are now hundreds of states and vendors supporting an emerging XML standard called the National Information Exchange Model or NIEM. This presentation will look at the NIEM processes and show how they are being used to promote semantically precise data exchanges as well as promoting transparency in government. We will compare ISO-based NIEM processes with RDF and OWL and show how they complement each other.

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NIEM-Slides-v2.pdf2.36 MB

Dan is an enterprise data architect/strategist living in Minneapolis. He has worked for organizations such as Bell Labs and Steve Job’s NeXT Computer as well as founding his own consulting firm of over 75 people. He has a background in object-oriented programming and declarative XML languages (XSLT, XML Schema design, XForms, XQuery, RDF, and OWL). He has published articles on various technology topics including the Semantic Web, metadata registries, enterprise integration strategies, XForms, and XQuery. He is author of the XForms Tutorial and Cookbook.